Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Best

In spite of the fact that I felt crummy this morning I still managed to get it together for church. Thankfully I had put this outfit together ahead of time and didn't have to think too much about what I was going to wear. When I feel crummy the last thing I want to do is put any thought into an outfit. How I feel is usually how I dress. This outfit managed to brighten my mood a bit. I'm feeling much better now :)
This ensemble features my current favorite boots. Be warned that you may see these repeated in other outfits. It was in the high 40s today so the combination of the sweater over the dress and tights kept me warm without a coat.
A big thank you to my friend Carrie who has decided to take on the task of snapping pictures for me in my future blogs. She did a great job today and this turned out way better than my last photo blog where I managed to put together something using my tripod.
Another thank you goes out to my husband who showed me how to use Photoshop today :)

Sweater: a.n.a for JCPenney
Belt: JCPenney (came with a pair of pants I purchased)
Tights: Worthington for JCPenney
Boots: Madden Girl Rickki
Necklace: Forever 21