Thursday, August 9, 2012

The New mark. Eyeshadows with Swatches

Recently mark. sent me a set of samples I was very excited about. The samples were of the new wet/dry eyeshadows  that are launching tomorrow (8/10/12). mark. has reformulated the shades to make them more pigmented and has also added a larger selection of colors.These .08oz eyeshadows will retail for $7 for each.
The new collection includes 10 shimmer shades, 8 satin shades, 6 metallic shades and 4 matte shades. Below are swatches of the sample colors I have (I do not have them all). I'll give you my first impressions after the photos.
The first 4 photos are of the shadows swatched dry with no primer in natural sunlight. The last photo is some of the shadows swatched wet (one shadow from each category).

 Matte Shades in (L to R) Whisper, Storming and Nightly
Metallic Shades in (L to R) Sugar Sugar, Goldi Luxe, Jazzy and Lava

Satin Shades in (L to R) Minx, Luvstruck, Moss, Plum Velvet and Pewter

Shimmer Shades in (L to R) Puff, Fairy Dust, Luster and Empress
  Swatched Wet (L to R) Goldi Luxe, Empress, Luvstruck and Storming

I love the color variety of these new formulas. With 28 total colors available there will easily be something for everyone. I was pleased with the pigmentation of most of these shadows when swatched dry, except for the metallic shades. When swatched dry they do not have the same pop of color as the other shades. However, as you probably noticed above, when the metallic shades are swatched wet they look amazing. Swatching the shades wet brings out more of the color in the shadows. The exception would be the matte shades, which I feel look better dry. 
Also remember these shadows were swatched from samples. I anticipate the actual products will be even better than what you see above. 

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