Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Favorite Upcoming Spring Trends (2013)

Favorite Spring Trends

There are two seasons I look forward to every year: fall and spring. Both offer relief from extreme temperatures and boast the cutest fashion trends This season is no exception. So far we haven't seen a break in the cold weather in Virginia (there's currently snow on the ground), but I can tell warmth is coming soon. As I look through the March fashion magazines, I get more and more excited for some of the spring trends. Above are some of the things I look forward to wearing when I can I put away my heavy coats.
 1. Ruffles: There is something dainty, feminine and very spring-like about ruffles. They add a playful element to the season's fashions.
2. Neutral Nails: With so many colors for spring, a neutral nail can pair with anything. It also keeps nails looking clean and fresh.
3. I am a huge fan of a-line skirts. They are super-flattering on most figures and, like ruffles, are playful and feminine. I also already have some of these in my closet (money saving bonus for me!).
4. Sheer tops are a nice break from chunky sweaters and also work well in the summer months. On chillier spring days it's easy to throw a blazer or cardigan on for warmth.
5. Black and white is anther love of mine (even more so than a-line skirts). This is another trend that has a permanent home in my closet. It's fun and easy to dress up black and white dresses and blouses with a pop of color (like cobalt jeans or a neon belt).
6. After a couple of years walking on a college campus, my feet have become accustomed to flats. Pointy-toed flats are a fun way to add style without adding a heel. (The pair featured above are waiting patiently in my closet for me to wear them).
7. Warm colors are a nice (and bold) contrast to the usual spring pastel. A fun way to pair a fierce red bag is with equally fierce red lips, leaving the rest of the look neutral (i.e. with the black and white trend).
8. Lace dresses are so versatile. They can be dressed up for a special date night, or dressed down with a denim jacket and cowboy boots. This is also another very cute and girly look for spring.

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