Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My winter wardrobe staples

I haven't posted an outfit blog in a long time. When I sat down to think of what to show you all, I realized my winter wear has rotated frequently around some staple pieces. Below is a basic overview of what I have been reaching for this winter:

Winter uniform

1. Chunky cardigans - These are great for layering and I have a few in several neutral colors (cream, navy, brown and tan).
2. Plaid - I love to wear plaid shirts under a sweater, or on its own (when the weather isn't 10 degrees).
3. Thermal shirts - Thermals are essential in the winter, especially this year that the entire country is experiencing frigid temperatures.
4. Skinny jeans - When everything is chunky and layered up top it's nice to keep it slim on the bottom. These are also great to tuck into boots.
5. Riding boots - Snow on the ground means I don't feel safe wearing boots with a heel. My riding boots (I own the pair pictured above) are great to keep me warm and on flat feet when it is slick outside.
6. Structured handbag - A personal favorite of mine. I love structured handbags year-round.
7. Dark nail polish - I love darker shades in the winter. It somehow makes me feel a little more cozy.
8. Gold hoops - I wear gold hoops a lot to warm my complexion in the winter chill.
9. Neutral eyeshadow - I've been reaching for the browns a lot lately, especially those in my Urban Decay Naked palette.

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